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As CEO of Azizi & Partners and of World Fuel Group Mr. Azizi has ultimate responsibility for all affairs of the organization. He has many years experience within the fuel and energy sector as well as numerous years of working with other commodities. Mr. Azizi has been at the helm of the successful acquisition of Azizi Petroleum and Cathay Petroleum and developed huge uplifts in sustained profitability and acquisition activity. Mr. Azizi is excited by the prospects of developing the brands within the group and contributing to the continued success of all group companies. Other interests include being President of several other companies within the Finance, Food & Beverage and Tobacco industries for which Mr. Azizi has also brought the experience required to also generate continued success. An example of this is this is the ‘Boss Cigarettes’ brand which is making huge strides in this highly competitive marketplace.




Girlie Escobar is an experienced secretary with all-round administration and office-management skills. She is a great communicator with a passion for maintaining open lines of communication and establishing a healthy, welcoming workplace.
Girlie is the front line to meet guests and clients and she confidently performs all assigned tasks with minimal fuss. She excels in co-ordination of executive diaries, managing and arranging meetings, booking appointments, managing clients and customers, and in general office management. Ms. Escobar is also in charge of processes such as visa administration, making travel arrangements and ensuring company licensing is kept up to date.




Dana Darie is a Business Development Manager at Azizi & Partners LLC where she follows up on new business opportunities, setting up necessary meetings, planning, preparing presentations and writing reports.
Dana’s work involves a considerable amount of creative thinking to spot new opportunities and establish rapid growth within new market places. She takes great pride in her ability to spot new opportunities and revels in the success of her work.
Previously Dana worked in Real Estate and Facility Management companies. She graduated from Craiova University in Romania with a degree in Literature and Foreign Languages.